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If you have joined the Wanderlust 2016 class already, you should have received an email to join the community, when you have, we will add you and send you an email as soon as we can. If you haven't please contact us. Please bear in mind this is a manual task so please allow 48 hours before you can access the Wanderlust Class section.

If you have stumbled across our community or if you have been invited by someone, then please take a look at our amazing online class for 2016 called Wanderlust, you can find out more by clicking the banner to the right, or the shop above. This community is only for paid members of the Wanderlust class.

Wanderlust Information

Wanderlust is whole year long journey - an online event offering you videos from 24 guest teachers and 2 resident teachersone every week* (each one downloadable and with PDF instructions provided), 50 amazing videos, which will run for over 50 hours in total, access to a forum with an amazing and friendly community, inspirations, challenges, discussions, galleries, workshops, interviews, giveaways and generous discounts from our partners. The perfect alternative to in-person classes

You don’t have to travel, spend money on accommodation, pack your suitcases or find babysitter for your kids, but still you are getting a bunch of inspirations from the best teachers in the industry that you can interact with on our forum, a fabulous community and topics where you are welcome to share opinions and enjoy all the bigger and smaller activities we prepared for you. At the same time you’ll get a chance to win amazing prizes from our partners, and shop with special discounts available only for Wanderlust members. 


* 50 weeks - classes end December 9th 2016

By joining our class you agree to our Terms and Conditions


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